Impact-resistant and flame-retardant (self-extinguishing)

Using the fire-extinguishing lid will ensure that no additional oxygen can get to flammable materials, thus stopping any fire from starting. If a fire has already been sparked, it will naturally burn out due to the lack of oxygen.


Easy separation of waste

These practical additional containers ensure the easy and clean separation of compostable or difficult waste: the additional container is easy to remove and just as easy to clean.


Fire protection round containers, flame-retardant

For correct prevention in the workplace. Fire class 5, durable and corrosion-resistant.



Standard colours

White marbled and Anthracite marbled








Fire protection containers


For safety and cleanliness in the workplace

Recommended by fire protection professionals: The high quality of our fibre-reinforced composites which have been tried and tested a thousand times enables us to produce disposal containers which are extremely impact-resistant and easy to clean. The material is resistant to most industry-standard chemicals and solvents (thinners, acetone, etc.). Our disposal containers have proven invaluable when used for professional applications in harsh environments, making them ideal for workshops, garages, industry and commerce.


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