Who are we and what is our goal?


We are a leading supplier of sophisticated elements, components and systems and we also offer associated services to a range of industries including medical technology, railways, sanitary facilities and plant engineering. What makes us stand out is our innovative and diversified product portfolio which we produce in Switzerland and is available to customers worldwide. We have served the Asian market since 2004 from our second site in China.


Our aim and mission is to expand our core business in order to secure the future of our company. We also want to fulfil our obligations towards our employees, investors and partners as well as towards society and the environment to the best of our ability. The way that we want to do that is by providing real benefits of outstanding quality, while constantly adapting to changing market conditions and systematically focussing on current customer requirements.


We stand out from our competitors by concentrating on our core competences in our target market sectors. Our aim is to become the leading supplier of ready-to-use parts and system components among the component manufacturers within our industry. We offer our customers the whole supply chain, starting with product design and continuing with production, finishing, assembly and logistics. In the sanitary facilities industry, our products are widely known for their robustness and practical functionality as well as for their strong price-performance ratio.


It is not only our products and service packages that hold the key to our success but also the competence and motivation of our employees. We are committed to continuously supporting, motivating and training our employees – after all, they are the driving force within our company.




Our daily activities should bring us nearer to achieving our declared aim to become the best supplier of plastic components and system solutions in the industry. The only way that we can succeed in this is by utilising our strengths in a targeted way, taking advantage of opportunities that arise within the market and identifying long-term opportunities and risks early on. We are convinced that the success of our business is and will continue to be influenced not only by economic and political developments but also increasingly by ecological conditions and the social expectations associated with these.


At Romay, we actively dedicate ourselves to environmental challenges by trying to reduce emissions such as noise, waste water, exhaust gases, waste heat, radiation and waste, using energy resources, raw materials and water sparingly and being kind to nature in general.


We know that our long-term success depends on us acting in a responsible way towards the environment and we promote environmentally sound behaviour on the part of our workforce through education and further training. Together we want to make sure that our products and the way in which they are used have minimum impact on the environment. We monitor the success of this project regularly and weaknesses identified are eliminated and integrated in the process of continuous improvement. We pursue a policy of transparent communication regarding environmental issues, both internally and externally.


Occupational safety


We are aware of the potential that lies in consistent risk minimisation and the promotion of health in the workplace. This is not just about the wellbeing of employees but also about improving product quality, permanently improving performance and promoting job satisfaction for our whole workforce.


That is why occupational health and safety are integral parts of all the processes and activities carried out at Romay and thus a central task on all hierarchical levels. We want to minimise risks by carrying out preventive maintenance on our equipment and providing regular targeted training. We have also undertaken to undergo frequent internal and external safety checks.