Raw materials

SMC, PUR, GFRP and resins: We make our blanks using fibre-reinforced composites and polyurethane. These are used in the manufacture of parts for the railway/medical/sanitary facilities industries and moulded parts which are then finished.


Metal parts

Individual parts, assemblies and bent or welded constructions, incl. surface finishing in wet varnishing or powder coating up to final assembly while meeting the highest demands for quality and performance.


Aluminium profiles

We set ourselves high standards, not only in respect of the technology that we use, starting with alloying and profile design up to surface quality, but also in respect of the individually processed profiles that we produce in a range of variations based on customer requirements.


Milled parts

Our parts can be produced based on drawings, 3D data and specifications. High-precision workpieces, also finished in accordance with customer requirements, are important for our parts and the customer's end product.


Electrical components

As a systems supplier, we also install individual mechanical and electromechanical parts and assemblies in our finished plastic parts in accordance with customer requirements.


Foam insulation/Seals

The range of products designed and produced by our partners includes the manufacture of seals for door and window systems, moulded foam parts made of polyurethane (PUR) as well as products made of rubber and injection-moulded plastic for the railway and medical industries.



In our in-house coating areas, our parts are enhanced by creating high-grade surfaces in a range of colours and with various levels of gloss, structures and effects. Both solvent-based and water-based paints are used for high mechanical and chemical resistance.



A wide range of elegant and complex glazing is an integral part of medical devices. The wealth of experience of our selected partners means that we can meet practically any customer requirement and install windows and hoods with high precision.



Sanding is an important part of the production process as it is carried out in order to prepare plastic blanks for painting and that is why the abrasives that we use on our surfaces have to meet such high quality requirements.


Injection-moulded parts

In order for us to be able to supply assemblies complete from a single source, we focus on advice and mould construction, right up to the finished injection-moulded part. The experience and sound knowledge of our partners are a prerequisite for this.


Cardboard and wooden packaging

Our Design and Logistics departments design packaging to provide optimum protection for our customers' products within the internal and external flow of goods. We apply our creativity and use ideas from our partners to produce ecologically sound packaging for our customers' parts.   


Painting work

Most of our products are painted on our own painting lines. We use external partners for special painting work required for our plastic/metal parts and like us, they fulfil the high quality requirements of our customers.


Services (trades of any kind)

Machinery, buildings and the surrounding area require experts. The associated maintenance works and services are carried out by our team of tradesmen.