Our service portfolio


As a complete service-provider, we also offer our customers the following service packages in addition to our products.


Romay has a team of highly qualified specialists and extensive experience in the processing of thermosetting plastics. We will be pleased to help you turn your ideas and requirements into reality: from a simple moulded part to a complex assembly and with a range of services that encompasses every step along the way, from the initial clarification of requirements to the fully assembled system component.

Our project managers are the technical interface to the customer. They will check the feasibility of a project based on the customer's requirements, see it through to the point at which the product is ready to go into production and look after the product throughout its service life.


We work with the customer, our design engineers and tool specialists when designing moulding tools. Our strong network of tool suppliers means that we are able to meet the needs of all our customers. Expert storage and regular maintenance are guaranteed throughout the product life cycle.



We focus on wet varnishing and wet coating. We also offer other finishing options such as screen printing and powder coating which are handled by specialist partners.



We put our products together – both those produced in-house and those procured externally – to form fully assembled systems. Function tests and quality checks are carried out regularly in accordance with customer inspection documents. These checks safeguard the well-known Romay standard of quality.



Supply chain
For the most part, we supply complete assemblies for the customer to install directly during final assembly. Romay has an extensive network of suppliers from a wide variety of specialist fields and can procure any supply part required by a customer. We can develop suitable project-specific disposable or reusable packaging for each new customer order or product development project. In the case of projects with various assemblies, products will be distributed logically and efficiently between different carriers.