Stadler Flirt


Platform strategy for a complex portfolio of door areas

Project information
Compositions: 124
Carriages: 523
Individual parts: 36


Design consulting
Designer, engineer and manufacturer formulate a sound design study.


A solution for optimised production which kept production costs to a minimum was put together during a design engineering phase by means of collaboration with the customer.


Tool management
An optimum tool concept enabled the production of the moulded parts for the door area of the Flirt to be reduced to two production tools. A number of Flirt projects have already been realised on this platform.


The following production processes are used in the manufacture of components:

All the visible surfaces of components, including those made of aluminium sheet, are given a structured painted surface on our own painting lines.

Procured components from key suppliers were evaluated and selected by means of collaboration with the customer. The timely procurement of the components was carried out within the Supplier Management department. 


The preparation and final assembly of the components requires a great deal of attention due to the complexity of the project.


The reusable containers used were transported between Romay and the end customer by means of the professional handling of logistics between the manufacturer, forwarder and wagon builder.


The door area made of SMC material is a comprehensive assembly that is exposed to harsh environmental conditions on a daily basis. The well thought-out construction and resulting effective production logic enabled the customer's target production costs to be achieved.