Procurement at romay


The Procurement team at Romay is centrally responsible for the procurement of product groups as well as for all services and indirect materials.  We are fully aware that the success of our business depends to a large extent on the capabilities of our suppliers – that is why we rely on suppliers who are able to deliver and prepared to make an essential contribution towards the success of our business.


By continually focussing on and improving our supplier base, supplier management makes a decisive contribution towards ensuring Romay's ability to compete. The aim of doing this is both to guarantee permanent collaboration between Romay and its suppliers and to continuously realise potential for optimisation and cost savings.


We make the same high demands on our supplier network as we do on ourselves. The specific requirements of our customers also often influence the criteria that we use to evaluate our suppliers. In order to make sure that suppliers continue to fulfil our performance requirements throughout the joint business relationship, we carry out a supplier evaluation at least once a year based on standardised criteria. This mainly involves assessing adherence to delivery deadlines and quantities. Other important factors include flexibility and value for money. The standardised classification of the supplier is then carried out based on this evaluation and in the case of main suppliers, the process is supplemented by annual audits on site.


We offer innovative solutions to problems. In order for us to be able to fulfil our objective, we require reliable suppliers who are able to deliver.


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