Full range of rail vehicle interior fittings

Project information
Train compositions: 75
Number of carriages: 525
Individual items: 350


Design consulting
Uniting design, functionality and the wide diversity of materials was a special challenge in this project.


Our many years of experience were the basis for the successful integration of the base materials SMC, aluminium and HPL in the interior design components.


Tool management
In order to be able to produce the unusually high number of groups of items, 25 different tools had to be produced for a wide range of production technologies.


The following production processes are used in the manufacture of components:

Practically all the visible surfaces of components, including those made of aluminium, are given a structured painted surface on our own painting lines.
The procurement and timely supply of the above-average number of purchase items is an extremely challenging task for our Supplier Management department.


The preparation and final assembly of the components requires a great deal of attention due to the complexity of the project.


It takes the professional and experienced handling of logistics between the manufacturer, forwarder and wagon builder in order to ensure that the components – some of which are up to 6 m long – for the defined carriage set are brought to the installation location «just in time».


Fitting out the interior of Siemens' Railjet is one of the most comprehensive and complex rail vehicle projects which Romay has ever been involved in. All the cladding components are manufactured in-house, from the heating duct in the footwell to the side panel. 25 product groups, divided into 350 individual items, are combined to create an elegant, attractive and contemporary interior.