Production of robust moulded plastic parts of the best form and surface quality for a long service life.


Romay uses the process of SMC hot pressing to produce glass fibre-reinforced and form-bound moulded parts on 13 lines, with closing forces ranging from 200 tons up to 2500 tons.


A variety of different types of SMC, mainly based on unsaturated polyester resins, are processed, from decorative material to highly temperature-resistant plastics. Our know-how with regard to production processes as well as the design of production tools enables us to install insert components directly in the tool, as connecting or fastening elements.


The materials used for products intended for use in the transport market sector not only comply with country-specific standards but also with the fire protection requirement in accordance with ISO EN 45545-HL2. Products for our medical and equipment market sectors comply with the fire protection requirement in accordance with UL 94 V0.


The maintenance of production tools is carried out in-house, ensuring their availability and giving us a high level of flexibility and reliability of supply.